Our story, our value

Our story begins with our founder. About 5 years ago he was diagnosed with neck cancer, had surgery and beat it. But was left with terrible pain and medication side effects. His sons (both in the cannabis industry) at the time strongly recommended cannabis. Starting cananbis "was the best thing I ever did, it gave me my life back!" And that started Art Cote's foray into the cananbis marketplace.

Wanting to contribute to the fledgling industry, Art started to consult and offer services ( he has been a programmer & technology executive for over 25 years ) to the industry, and build software to help business owners. CannabisIQ is the latest software offering.

Our mission is to bring high performance, reliable Point Of Sale software to the medical and recreational cannabis marketplace, to help build and enhance the industry!

We believe the cannabis marketplace is critical to our nation. We will strive to expand & enhance CIQRegister for the betterment of our customers.