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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! You'll have all of our contact numbers to reach us 7 days a week. While we don't expect you to need us, the reality is that sometimes things happen. So we're here for you. Call and we'll handle your issue. 100% to your satisfaction. Most calls can be handled remotely. However if the need arises, we'll be at your door to help FAST!
Definitely not. We recommend - they have good prices, and frequently offers refurbished for less!
Our infrastructure is 100% scalable & 100% reliable. We automatically adjust bandwidth & storage to demand, so you don't have sluggish performance. If a surge in demand occurs, our data centers automatically add servers, we have unlimited bandwidth for high traffic, and unlimited storage to keep orders in your database forever!!
We track flowers by gram. When you enter a product into inventory, for flowers you enter total grams, for non-flowers, total count.

For each sale of a flower, say Big Kahuna for example, an order for an 1/8 decrements the inventory for Big Kahuna by 3.5 grams. Once the inventory count gets to zero, the product, in our example, Big Kahuna, doesn't appear in the menu. This ONLY affects Big Kahuna (our example).

Each product item is tracked separately and discreetly.

The bottom line? Our inventory tracking is 100% accurate.
Absolutely! CannabisIQ includes Real-time Sales Metrics, Reconilliation, and Inventory Reports

Track sales by top 10 selling products, by month, day, product category, credit cards, transaction types (cash, credit, free).

Track products discounted 100% for special giveaways, first time customers etc. Also track sales by customers to identify frequent repeat customers.

The bottom line? Our reports are 100% accurate.
Yes. Our UPC inventory manager feeds our POS menu, our eCommerce internet & mobile menu widget and CIQAPI, and our in-store LCD TV menu.

Scan products into inventory or use our CSV importer. We can also assist you if you need to get inventory out of another system for import.

The bottom line? Our central inventory manager is 100% reliable, and supports all menus!
In short, YES! To void an order, from the main CannabisIQ menu, touch or click Void Order. Either enter an order number from sales receipt, or search by customer number, and click submit. A new receipt is printed showing the refund.

Bottom line? It's straightforward, and it works. 100% of the time.
Never. To login simply visit

The link will always be the same. Period. Simply use your UserID & Password to login. Whether you have a single POS station, multiple stations, or multiple stores!

The login link will always be
Yes. Our back ups run every hour on the hour around the clock, to highly secured storage facilites, on-site at our data center, and off site.

Your data is secured behind 128bit SSL encryption, and is protected by the best firewalls available.

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