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CIQRegister - Things To Know.

Feature One

(Screenshot source: CIQRegister Equipment

Simply select a kiosk you prefer - our demo is configured with a Square Kiosk but any will work. Get an iPad Air (our demo shows a refurbished iPad Air), select a Socket Bluetooth bar code scanner - CIQRegister deploys Socket exclusively. Finally top off your equipment list with the Star Bluetooth Receipt Printer - only Star receipt printers will work with CIQRegister. (prices below are from

  • CIQRegister iPad App - FREE
  • iPad Air - $288.00 refurbished
  • iPad Air Kiosk (Square). - $99.00
  • Socket Bluetooth Bar Code Scanner (Model 7Ci CX2870-1409) - $196.79
  • Star Bluetooth Receipt Printer (Star Micronics Model TSP654IIBI-24) - $339.12 New

Setup your gear and you are ready to go. Connect the Bluetooth printer and bar code scanner to the iPad Air.

Need personal assistance? We can come to your location to assist your setup, or chat via phone.

Download Our Brochure, Download Our Help Documentation Here or Download Our Equipment List Here.

Feature Two

(Screenshot source: CIQRegister Tech View

Deploy 2 or 3 iPads (an example) With The CIQRegister Native iPad App installed. CIQRegister will find the cloud (if internet is available), and synchronize the data between the cloud and your iPads.

  • App can be used standalone without the cloud.
  • Syncing occurs automatically to all 3 of our data centers.
  • Doing a lot of business? CIQRegister scales.
  • CIQRegister automatically expands as demand increases.

CIQRegister app and Dashboard Analytics provide a powerful set of tools you can use to get real insight into your business.

Setup is a snap. Simply login to with your CIQRegister account authentication info, import an inventory CSV. Transitioning to CIQRegister from another system? No worries, simply export your data and import the csv!

Feature Three

(Screenshot source: Setup Steps.

Once you acquire the needed equipment, setup is a snap. Simply start the CIQRegister app; Create Your New Account; Import Your Inventory (see format below); Then Start Selling!

If you have questions, or need assistance with setup, reach out to us. We're here to help.

Required format of CSV file to import.
UPC (if standard) Product Name Description Producer Category Class Starting Inventory
(units or grams)
Wholesale Value Each $(non-flower) Gram $ 1/4 Gram $ 1/2 Gram $ 1/16 Gram $ 1/8 Oz $ 1/4 Oz $ 1/2 Oz $ Ounce $ 1/4 Lb $ 1/2 Lb $ Pound $
111122223333 OG Kush Optional Text Madrone Flower Sativa 300 2800.00 24.50                      

Get Up & Running In 3 Straightforward Steps

Download The App

Get CIQRegister from the Apple App Store

Create An Account

Run the app on your iPad. Setup your sellers profile including company info, authentication and employees

Log In

Login using your new credentials and your ready to sell.